Boxiecat Self-Cleaning Probiotic Clumping Clay Litter (40 LB)


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Probiotics use good bacteria to fight bad bacteria in your litter box 24/7 for natural odor control, up to 40 days.

Our best-selling probiotic cat litter is the first of its kind. Using a proprietary blend of probiotics, Boxie® Pro™ litter products eliminate odor and waste naturally and effectively.

A natural, 100% Bentonite clay formula with an added proprietary blend of Boxie® probiotics for 40-day odor control and self-cleaning properties.


Select probiotics are harmless, beneficial living microorganisms that love to digest waste and are effective at controlling ammonia odors.

Boxie® Pro™ litters contain a proprietary blend of probiotics that help to deodorize cat litter without harmful disinfectants, enzymatics or olfactory masking agents. It targets the food source of the odor causing bacteria, resulting in longer lasting odor control. Boxie® Pro™ probiotics are commonly found in nature and are free of any harmful chemicals and additives, making it safe for pets and the environment.


  • 40-day odor control
  • Keeps litter fresher for 2x longer than other litters
  • Probiotic solutions work 24/7 to clean litter after every use

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