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Rawz Pet Food


We are pleased to introduce our newest dry food line, Rawz!



Rawz is a brand new food that is doing things quite a bit differently than other dry food on the market. This food is unique because it uses dehydrated chicken, the most meat, poultry and fish proteins with minimal cooking. There also isn't any meal used and has a higher protein efficiency ratio than rendered meals. It is cooked at much lower temperatures to help retain the protein and amino acids. Rawz is the lowest carbohydrate dry food we know of, coming in at only 22.5%. Even most grain-free kibbles are about 40%. Lower carbohydrate levels and ingredients with a lower glycemic index can help to prevent some of the most prevalent health problems that our pets struggle with: obesity and diabetes. 

This is a five-star rated food according to Dog Food Advisor's website. 



Rawz is a family-owned company that I can personally get behind. They only have 5 full time employees!! In light of the recent Merrick buyout to Purina-Nestle, it's refreshing to support a truly small business. 



The Scott Family started the Rawz Fund (donating 100% OF NET PROFITS) to support three main causes: providing service dogs, spinal cord injury, and traumatic brain injury. The RAWZ Fund’s mission and personal commitment to these causes is based on their family experience. After both of their sons, Andy and Jimmy, suffered injuries due to accidents, they continually witnessed the deep spiritual connection between their sons and their yellow Lab named Boomer.

Below is a video from founder Jim Scott:







We're in the News : interviews Health Mutt 


Itchy skin, digestive issues and dental woes don't just plague humans.

Fido needs some TLC, too.

That's where Health Mutt comes in. The Seminole Heights business at 6116 N. Central Avenue, which has been open for a year, services the needs of canines across Tampa Bay.

We recently talked to owner Kendra Bailey, a Brandon native who owns a dog named Jethro, about what she loves about the community and how they can participate in Health Mutt's one year anniversary event on Nov. 10.

On why she opened her business: A few months after graduating, I was thinking of how to harness all of my strengths and do something productive. I went to school for art, so it was a lot of event planning, self promotion.  I realized I liked the business aspect of that. I worked at a holistic pet store in college.

What services are offered at Health Mutt:  We have a variety. The most popular is the self service dog wash area, where we provide everything you need for the bath. You don’t have to bend over and break your back. It's warm water, spa like experience. We also have nail trimming here twice a month and host anesthesia-free dental cleaning sessions.

We have a low cost vaccine unit here. And our main thing would be the retail section, focusing in all natural products. Our speciality is the food. If anyone has a dog with itchy skin, a picky eater, digestive upsets. We give you samples and knowledge.

On what she likes about Seminole Heights:  The demographic. A lot of people that come in, I guess I relate to them. I fit into that demographic with everyone else. I feel comfortable.

It’s a laid back community. It's very accepting, very forgiving, easy to work with. A lot of people are in the service or environmental industry. It's nice. All of these people are my neighbors. Support for small businesses has been good. It's more liberal of a community, so they tend to understand concepts like how small business works.

What customers can expect at the one-year anniversary event on Nov. 10: We are going to have cake, wine and beer, pizza, four adoption groups here, and huge raffle prizes, two of them being a year supply of dog food. The raffle goes to rescue groups. We are going to do sales and have a bunch of food reps here talking about food, and doing samples. We’ll do giveaway bags, too.


Dura Doggie, "dog toys that donate" now in stock at Health Mutt Tampa. 

Our newest toy line, Dura Doggie! Each toy gives 20% to a different cause. They are durable, float and some have a squeaker inside! Would you like your toy to go toward saving animals, saving the planet, fighting breast cancer, or fighting diabetes? Chews your cause!