Does this seem like the hottest summer ever?  I was walking Jethro around 2:00 in the afternoon (not the best idea) and realized that he was having a hard time tolerating the heat.  This lends me to the perfect opportunity to share information about heat exhaustion and heat stroke.

A dog’s core body temperature is higher than a humans  Their normal temp is between 100F and 102F and their cooling mechanism is through the pads of their feet and through panting.  If the core temp rises to 104F to 106F, it is critical.  With our humidity and temperature being so high, dogs are at risk for heat stroke.

Watch for early stages of heat stroke which include:
-excessive panting-if it’s exaggerated and rapid, your dog may be too hot
-excessive drooling or foaming of the mouth
-dry gums
-whining or agitation

If you pick up on these signs, stop exercising, give water and get into a cool area

The late signs include
-pale gums

Do the above measures for early signs plus, call your vet and continue cooling.  Place your pet in a cool bath if possible.  Don’t force them to drink, but offer water.

The signs of the final stage include

Do the above measures.  Have someone go with you to the vet and continue cooling measures.  Wrap cool wet towels around her.  You can also dab alcohol on the pads of their feet.

It is imperative that you keep your dog well hydrated and cool to prevent going into the late or final stages of heat stroke.  You can help your dog cool down by wetting a towel and wrapping it around her and making sure she has access to water.

A safe pet is a cool and happy pet. Please don’t leave your dog in a parked car with no air conditioning.  When you go for walks, let your pet walk in grass as much as possible instead of the hot sidewalk, or better yet, go early in the morning or in the evening when it’s not so hot.  Take along lots of water for her to drink and take along water in a spray bottle to spray them down during your walk.  During play time,you can fill a kiddie pool and put her toys in it to cool down.   

Health Mutt carries great summertime snacks for your pups. We carry Kongs that can be filled with easy freeze treats or freeze the Kong itself.  Dogs always seem to love our Yoghund frozen yogurt and SweetSpot ice-cream. 

If your dog has long hair, he or she will be more comfortable being shaved,just don’t go too short and run the risk of sunburn. Also, make sure your breed is able to be shaved. (Some breeds, such as Huskies have risks with being shaved)

Stay cool and have a safe and fun summer!

Your friends at Health Mutt