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Energy Healing For Pets

Monday, June 1st starting at 5pm by appointment, we will have Sue Fedio at Health Mutt to do healings and Akashic readings on you and your pet!

 Q & A with Sue Fedio of Healing 4 Paws

Do you only work with dogs? Can I bring my pet with me?

 I can do all animals, any animal - even wild. I would just need permission to open the records from the owner (I will ask the pet as well).

It is ideal to have your pet with you, however if that is not going to work best for you or your pet, we can still have a successful session with just a photo. 

How do I schedule and what is the cost?

To book, please call me, Sue Fedio (Certified Energy Healer for Animals/ Pranic Healer/Akashic Records Reader) at 813-850-3517 or shoot me an email at

Sessions: These can be as quick as 30 minutes and will include a reading on your pet, possibly yourself, and an energy sweep so you both leave feeling relaxed.
$35 is my introductory rate.
Walk-ins: A 15 minute session that can address 1 or 2 concerns, or a mini energy session (for those ailing). 
$20 is my introductory rate.
Consultations: free

The benefits of these holistic healing services can improve you and your pet’s physical health, increase inner peace and calmness, enhance relationships and achieve more balance in you and your pets life.

Pranic Healing – A Major Breakthrough in Energy Healing

Pranic Healing is a non-invasive energy healing method to clear out negative and dirty energies and re-energize with healing energy to help accelerate the body’s natural ability to alleviate a wide spectrum of physical , emotional and psychological ailments.  Pranic Healing can clear out negative and dirty energy in spaces such as homes and businesses.

Akashic Records

The Akashic Records is a dimension of consciousness that contains a vibrational record of every soul and its journey.  It holds every thought, action, emotion and experience, anywhere in the universe from the very beginning of time to the end of days for all and every sentient being.  This includes your home, your business and public places such as parks, cities and buildings.

When I open an Akashic record, I receive information from you or your pet’s spiritual guides about any emotion issues and patterns you would like to address. The information is about their origin and meaning of the issue and your guides offer simple and effective ways to release the patterns or blocks that no longer serve you and/or your pet.  

 I bring through specific energies from your or your pets records to resolve these issues.  This energy is the boundless love and acceptance of your and/or your pets spiritual guides and this can feel as a healing just in itself.


Pranic Healing and/or Akashic Records are not intended to replace orthodox medicine but rather to complement it.

If an ailment is severe or symptoms persist, please contact immediately a medical professional.